FREE Download :: Hello + Special Thanks

If you haven’t already heard, I released a new tune, Hello, this week! It’s my whimsical take on how I felt when I first met my husband and it’s just in time for Valentine’s Day. <3

Cover Art  All Rights Reserved.  Copyright 2015.

Cover Art
All Rights Reserved.
Copyright 2015.

Click the image above to have a listen to Hello on SoundCloud and download it for free! Please repost it and help me spread the word. Hurry, it won’t be free for long.

I couldn’t have picked a better team to work with and have included their due credit below:

Piano; Mellotron: Chris Carter
Bass: Kevin Paige
Lead Guitar: Matt Tutor
Drums; Perc; Bells: Terence Clark
Lead and Background Vocals: Pearl

Mixed by: Chris Carter for The Undertone Collective
Recorded in Memphis, TN at Undertone Studios
Produced by: Terence Clark with The Undertone Collective
Co-Produced by: Chris Carter with The Undertone Collective
Samples by: John Dollahite for New Recording
Samples recorded at: Muddy’s Bake Shop and Muddy’s Kitchen

(Yeah, seriously — Terence included percussive sounds actually from this bakery in the single! So neat, right?!)

Thank you Terence and Chris for your hard work and channeling your time and expertise into this single. I’m thankful to call both of you personal friends and I had so much fun working with you two, as always.

Many thanks to Kip and Kat Gordon, Dino Jeff Goldblum, and all of the employees from Muddy’s Bake Shop for helping make this happen.

A huge and special thanks to Clary Kinloch, Jr. of C. Kinloch Media Group for designing the cover art, eNewsletters, and additional marketing material.

Last and certainly not least, thank you Julius — my love — for swooning me all these years and inspiring the words in this tune! xoxo